Kitchen without Handle

When the doors are not interrupted by visible pull elements, the kitchens produce an especially smooth, elegant and modern impression. For this purpose, you count on LEICHT with different possibilities of realization. A modern classic is the model AVANCE, with its typical edges, bevelled backwards, to obtain an ergonomic handle, especially comfortable. In the case of CONTINO, the countertop receives a character as if it were “suspended in the air”, thanks to the lacquered gola, which is located directly below the countertop and which, optionally, can go in tonal to match the doors. The 80 cm high frame also offers plenty of storage space: the lower drawer is high enough to place the bottles in them. The AVANCE pro is the only kitchen without handle with doors of a thickness of only 4 mm, of a valuable solid stratified material.
In the LEICHT main collection, the theme of handleless kitchens is continued. All the aluminum handle profiles, which appear there, can be placed matching the doors painted in RAL colors. With what they appear optically occupying a second plane. As an alternative, you have an execution in metal or stainless steel optics. The shooter-free program covers all the handle profiles in Alu, the PUR programs -with bevelled bevel in the door-, those that work with the SensoMechanik technique and also the SensoMatic electro-mechanical opening systems, for drawers and drawers . Without forgetting the new technique of opening without handle for the refrigerators. In total, then, a varied and complete program without handle, which gives you individual possibilities of planning and realization, for all requirements and for any budget.