Black Edition No. 1: enjoy coffee with all your senses

With Miele you can also become an expert barista. Only if the technology of our coffee machines adds quality coffee beans, you get an excellent cup of coffee. For this reason, the Miele Black Edition No. 1 coffee is an exclusive selection of coffee beans perfectly adapted to our coffee machines. In collaboration with the Vollmer roaster, we have selected four varieties of Arabica to achieve this special flavor. Cultivated organically and picked and selected manually in the South American highlands, they are processed and roasted in such a way that they display their full aroma during the aromatization process. Miele’s coffee: unique!

The perfect mix to get the perfect coffee

A balanced mix of different coffee beans of excellent quality is essential to achieve an excellent flavor. For the Miele Black Edition No. 1, four types of Arabica grain from the South American highlands have been selected, grown to more than 1000 m. Compared with the Robusta variety, the taste of the Arabica variety is considered more sophisticated. Only mature grains are used. The excellent quality of the grains, the technology used for its collection and the exclusive flavor of the varieties that make it contribute to the Miele coffee a really unique character.

Smooth and silky flavor

Each palate experiences and “judges” the aroma of coffee in a different way, that’s why our goal was to create a coffee that can satisfy all types of palate. The aroma of the Miele Black Edition No. 1 is soft, silky and creamy, with just a hint of acidity. The result is an intense aroma, slightly fruity and balanced.

Freshness guaranteed for 18 months

A good aroma depends to a great extent on the storage conditions of the coffee. To ensure that the Miele Black Edition No. 1 coffee has so much body, it is conserved in 250 g bags made of aluminum foil. A valve allows the gases coming from the coffee to escape and thus prevents the bag from inflating excessively. To fully experience the taste of coffee, our roaster recommends using it within 18 months. Of course, once this period of time has passed, coffee can also be consumed.

Fair trade guaranteed

Miele Black Edition No. 1 coffee is certified as a fair trade product. Coffee is one of the pioneering fair trade products contributing to improving the living and working conditions of coffee producers and their families in developing countries. By acquiring a fair trade product, you are also contributing to the protection of the environment. The origin of our coffee is 100% of fair trade coffee cooperatives.

Enjoy a coffee with an organic product certificate *

According to EU regulations regarding the commercialization of products from organic agriculture within the EU, each of the companies involved in the production and distribution process must be certified. This certification affects the entire organic production chain – cultivation, processing, transport, storage and marketing. The private roaster Vollmer has its subsequent certification ** and, also, for the first time Miele, as responsible for storage and distribution, as well.