Choose a kitchen that suits our tastes, needs and budget is not easy, so we bring you some tips at the time of planning your kitchen:

Style: Choose the one who likes the most and at once combine with the rest of your house.

Be careful with measures: It is important to measure the long and width of space, height from the floor to the ceiling, the spaces of the appliances.

Details: keep in mind that if you want to place light in a specific place, as under the furniture, it will require a small electrical installation.

Distribution: for example, for narrow and elongated spaces, the most advisable is an online cuisine, with one of the furnished walls and the other not to not recharge the space.

Triangle of work: It is formed by the cooking area, refrigerator and the water source. There must be enough space between each of the parties.

Cabinets: They must have great capacity, easy opening, with safe shooters if we have children at home.

Material: Apart from the design, you have to have practiced and functionality, such as, for example, disguising stains and dirt, anti-rolls ..

Appliances: Choose the best options of different brands, energy efficient ..

There are many aspects when choosing your kitchen, take note and do not forget any of them. Save this post, it will help you later!
If you need help from a professional, do not hesitate to contact us, we will board all points for a perfect kitchen together!