From the moment you have decided to change your kitchen, how many times have you wondered whether to put in an island? And no matter how many times you have asked yourself the same question, you have not come to a definite conclusion.

It is normal, it is an important decision and above all a long-lasting one, so it is essential to be informed, to seek professional advice and then to be sure of the decision you make.

That’s why we want to help you make that decision with today’s article. But we are always ready to help you with personalised advice in our shop. 

As you know, in recent years, the island has become a key element in modern kitchens. Parallel kitchens or kitchens with two distinct fronts used to be the norm. However, the new times or recent constructions have given way to a new concept, with greater space and amplitude in the kitchen area so that in addition to cooking we can make life in them.

Espacio en las cocinas con isla

The spaciousness and space available is the biggest advantage of the kitchen island. There will be more space to store all kinds of kitchen utensils and basic kitchen items. Furthermore, depending on the type of island chosen, different electrical appliances can be installed and even the sink and hobs can be positioned. If you are passionate about the art of cooking, the island will be your great ally thanks to its spaciousness and organisation.

Comodidad y multifuncionalidad en las cocinas con isla

The convenience and flexibility of a kitchen island is also an aspect to be taken into account. The kitchen can be used for breakfast, for lunch or even for work at any given time, which is a point to be taken into account these days.

Adaptabilidad de las cocinas con isla

Kitchens with an island can be adapted to a wide variety of designs, made-to-measure furniture or different materials with which to combine the room. It is an open concept that opens up a wide range of possibilities as they look very aesthetic and elegant.

Don’t hesitate and get advice from our team of professionals in the design of custom kitchens and discover what the ideal kitchen would be like for you and your home.