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When it comes to modern and elegant kitchens, Design Kitchen is a benchmark in Estepona. We have been advising and creating spectacular spaces to enjoy the kitchen for decades. One of the elements that have been integrated for some time now in avant-garde kitchens are worktop extractors.

They are an excellent alternative to overhead hoods, which can be powerful and sophisticated, but never as discreet as these ventilation systems. As you can see in the images, it is a technology that integrates with the worktop and disappears when not in use.

Countertop extractor fans are a modern and elegant option for kitchen ventilation. If you want to know more, here are 10 great advantages.

10 advantages of countertop extractors

  1. Integrated design: Integrated into the worktop, they offer a clean, unobstructed look in the kitchen. This design idea is perfectly suited to modern, minimalist kitchens.
  2. Efficient operation: Despite their unobtrusive design, these are powerful and efficient extractors. They create air currents that perfectly trap cooking fumes and odours before they are dispersed. They also use filters to trap grease and, depending on the model, activated carbon filters to neutralise odours.
  3. Touch or remote control: Many models have touch controls directly on the surface. Others even allow remote control via mobile apps or home automation. Connectivity today reaches any device in the kitchen.
  4. Speed settings: Like traditional extractor hoods, cooker hoods often have multiple speed settings to suit different ventilation needs.
  5. Built-in lighting: Many models include built-in LED lights to illuminate the cooking surface. This not only improves visibility, but also adds an aesthetic element.
  6. Easy cleaning: Filters and surfaces are generally easy to disassemble and clean. In fact, some models are dishwasher safe. This, together with the fact that they are flush with the worktop, makes maintenance much easier.
  7. Space saved: It is ideal for all types of kitchens, but is especially useful for kitchens where space is a critical factor. It doesn’t take up space on the worktop, and frees up space on top. In addition, many models are compact and designed so that you don’t have to sacrifice drawer space.
  8. Versatile installation: They can be integrated in various locations within the worktop, allowing greater freedom in kitchen design. Depending on the model, the motor can also be positioned at the front, at the rear or even several metres away.
  9. Noise level: Many models stand out for being quieter compared to traditional extractor hoods. Before choosing, find out the decibel level and compare. The quieter the better, especially in the case of open concept kitchens.
  10. Price: As with all electrical appliances, it will depend on the brand and model. However, in general, they tend to have a higher price than conventional extractor hoods. Here the price is not the determining factor, it is usually more the need to save space or the commitment to a modern and elegant design.
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Disadvantages of the countertop puller

As always, we like to be honest and present both the advantages and disadvantages. We have already discussed the issue of price, on average cooker hoods are usually more expensive than conventional cooker hoods.

These are other aspects to consider:

  1. Lower smoke capture: They are located closer to the smoke source, which is an advantage as long as they are powerful enough. Look at this parameter and compare with traditional wall-mounted hoods.
  2. Noise: While silence is one of their strong points, some users feel that cooktop extractors can generate more audible noise as they are closer to the cooking area, unlike hoods which may be recessed in the ceiling.
  3. Possible grease build-up: Some models may experience grease build-up on the worktop surface near the extractor opening. Nothing that cannot be avoided with regular cleaning.
  4. Limitations in small kitchens: In very small kitchens, where the distances are very tight, we may have problems to fit certain models of countertop extractor. It would be necessary to assess the available space and choose the most suitable models.
  5. Compatibility: Its effectiveness may depend on the type of cooker and the arrangement of elements on the hob. In some configurations, performance may be affected by not covering all cooking surfaces, draughty windows, etc.

As you can see, many disadvantages are actually subjective and depend on individual preferences and the specific needs of the kitchen. What is certain is that countertop extractor fans are usually an excellent solution, but before deciding we recommend you to visit our kitchen shop in Estepona.

We help you to carefully evaluate the characteristics of these ventilation systems, taking into account your needs and your type of kitchen.