Los muebles de cocina sin tiradores es una de las tendencias actuales en diseño. Esta opción de eliminar o integrar los tiradores como vamos a ver aparte de una cuestión estética, también tiene sus ventajas funcionales.

Nowadays most electrical appliances incorporate a handle in the body of their doors. Over time, this design has been transferred to kitchen units. It is becoming increasingly common to find handles integrated into the sides or upper band of doors and drawers.

Thanks to these lines of development, the result is more minimalist furniture and appliances that create greater harmony. As we can see in the photos, the result is cleaner and more uniform, without any element that stands out.

The visual result is a homogeneous composition, without elements that go beyond the limits we have established for our furniture. This avoids hindering traffic in the kitchen, which is particularly useful in small homes.

Those who have corridor kitchens know that it is easy to get caught on a handle. Depending on the design, it is also an option for smaller children to climb onto the worktop. So, although traditional handles have their function, they also have certain disadvantages.

By avoiding handles and having uncluttered surfaces thanks to the new opening mechanisms, cleaning the kitchen is made easier. This is especially useful considering that this room often accumulates dirt and grease. In addition, as we have already pointed out, having handle-free kitchen units helps to gain some space in the kitchen, making it easier for you to move around inside it.

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